Friday, January 9, 2015

"Open House Tour" of Townhouses on the Upper East Side in Manhattan

More and more young families in New York City  decide to stay in Manhattan instead of moving away once they start a family. Townhouses all over Manhattan are in more demand than ever. 
I checked out the  Upper East Side and found beautiful ones. You are surprised to see how big they are. From the outside it looks like a little house but they are 5 and 6 floors up. They even have their own elevator. Beautifully remodeled inside - these magnificent, old buildings are amazing to live in. Most of them have air condition, balconies or/and a great roof top. They are private and in quiet streets. 
Fire places in many rooms
My favorite one was on E 63 street. Truly a Treasure that blew away any of my expectations.
Surely, they are not cheap - the ones I visited were all between 7-12Mio but hey, they, definitely, will not lose in value over the years.
A great investment!

 Formal Living Room with balcony
View into court yards - very quiet
TV room 

View of NYC form your terrace.