Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ever wondered what the median rent is in every Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhood? 

It might make you think about buying a place and maybe down the road to rent it out…


Listings website Zumper has once again worked its magic to take the rental data from April, in which rents continued to rise citywide (surprise!) and Brooklyn reached a new plateau, and put the median rent for each neighborhood into easily digestible map form. Though perhaps digestible is the wrong word, since a lot of these rents may very well turn your stomach. NoMad/Flatiron, for instance, leads the pack with the median price of a one-bedroom sitting at $4,490. Tribeca is still up there, too, at $4,450. The West Village, surprisingly, fell to $3,700. In Brooklyn, Dumbo is still the leader at $3,720.