Thursday, September 24, 2015

Midtown West will add thousands of new apartments

Right across from the building I live in, emerged, in less than 15months, a tremendous new building called "The Sky."

With the opening of The Sky alone, 1,175 new rental units are going to be available on 605 W 42nd Street on October 1st. This is just one among many new building projects in Midtown West...besides the amazing Hudson Yards project.

The Sky is a magnificent new building and the biggest rental building in NYC. It has the most beautiful amenities including two zero edge outdoor and indoor pools, multi level athletic club, spa, pet spa, bike valet, kids club, cafe, Skydeck, 24-hour concierge and a Thomas Balseley designed Skypark.

Unfortunately, the amenities won't be ready for another three months. The positive aspect about this for the future renters, however, is that they will be able to use the the huge facilities for free for three months once they are ready in Jan 2016. After that grace period, the amenities will cost 199/person/month. Not too shabby :).

Together with the Hudson Yards project and the opening of 7 subway line on 11th Ave/ 34th street, the skyline of the west side will change forever. Read more….