Monday, December 7, 2015

Have you ever thought of retiring in Prague? Why not?

  • Low cost of living
  • Inexpensive but great medical system
  • Low public transportation costs
  • Prague speaks English
  • Lots of Expats - great community
  • Low taxes
  • No Euro but Czech Krone! Makes it very inexpensive to live there.

Magical City of Prague. Once you live here, you think the clock stopped ticking and you are still in another century. The cobble stone streets make you miss the horse carriages that once filled the streets of Prague. You feel as if you can still hear the music of Mozart and Bach who lived here for a long time and you enjoy the beautiful performances in the Opera House for a whooping $50 of the best seat in the house.
No city can beat this charm and price:)

This villa next to the zoo is now available. Magnificent

Right in Mala Strana, one of the best parts of town - near the American Embasssy, you can purchase this whole building with a restaurant and jewelry store already in it or just a single apartment.

Most beautiful roof tops

Renovated buildings from the 14th century. 

Please contact me for more info on all the beautiful properties for sale or for rent. I have lots to tell you since I have lived in Prague for a long time and I work with a great CZ broker.