Monday, December 7, 2015

West Village in NYC - a new Stribling development called The Shephard

I don't know if I have mentioned it already but Greenwich Village and the West Village are my favorite places in town.  I find "Europe" here again with all the little shops and cobble stone streets.
It is the perfect place to be who you are and nobody gives a d….Given, it gets harder for the the little places where young musicians make music like in Cafe Vivaldi or the $1 pizza places because new developments move in.

The old charm sometimes needs a little lift and this is the place for new developments. Unfortunately, that comes with a price tag but they sure are pretty. One of these developments is The Shephard" on 275 W 10th street.  

The Shephard takes its place in a community with strong roots. Keeping the original facade of the building was key to seamlessly blending.There’s a solid, honest quality to the building; it feels as if it’s always been part of the neighborhood.
The price for a 2BR/2BA is about $5Mio and there are only 38 units. Hard to believe that most of them are already sold. Maybe no surprise since it is in one of the best locations in town, the views are stunning and the rooms are very spacious. 

Want to check it out?  Contact me for showings. I'll be glad to 
take you there.