Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's the time of the year again.....A Guide of How to Tip in NYC

For all of us who never know who to tip or how to disburse the money is a great article that will help to bring clarity into the mystery of tipping during the Holidays (Brick Underground)

In case it slipped your mind amidst the frenzy of Thanksgiving travel and holiday shopping, we're here to remind you of what your doorman and super have (probably) been hinting at these past few weeks: New York City's holiday tipping season is here.
And while tipping is a great way to show your thanks, especially as the season of giving progresses and your doorman or concierge begins to double as your personal receiving center (which deserves a little extra when the time comes to hand in the tips, by the way), it's also fraught with pressure: Whom should you tip? How much? When? Or, in some cases, should you tip at all?

Below, we've updated our tried-and-true strategies for mastering the season